IN1 iPhone 5/5s Tool Case

 The IN1 case is a rugged but beautifully designed phone case perfect for people on the go. It has a variety of tools that you can use in a variety of ways including...
   - 2 precision screwdrivers - You will instantly become the best friend of anyone with glasses
   - 2 ball point pens - Perfect for writing down your number when the girl or guy across the bar notices you fixing a pair of glasses with your teeny tiny screw drivers
   - A Nail file - for tidying up your fingernails before the big date with the person you met at the bar
   - A pair of tweezers - Great for when your new partner gets a splinter from their crappy bamboo phone case
   - A set of scissors - Good for opening a packet of crisps without damaging your newly manicured fingernails and
   - A kick stand - So you can both watch Sleepless in Seattle together under the stars
These tools are aimed to be helpful with everyday tasks. So whilst the in1 case won't assist you in removing and rebuilding a gearbox from a 1985 GMC Pacer or help you slay, skin and cook a wildebeest, they will help with day to day tasks such as writing notes and cutting open packages. Also by leaving the Cross Bow and Bowie Knife attachment off the in1 case it has allowed us to make it fully TSA Compliant.

Yes! Thats right the In1 case is also TSA compliant! Which means that you can plan a trip with your new lover without being scared of holding up the queue explaining that it isn’t a weapon, it is actually just a phone case (they might still be interested in its fantastic design though).

It is available in White, Black and Clear. You can also pick the colours of the tools you want making it highly customisable to your taste. So customize yours and improve your life! ... shop


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